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Refund check flier
Press Release

CollegeTakeoverTour and DJHeavyness are proud to announce the launch of the “The Refund Check” Scholarship . “The Refund Check” is a leadership based scholarship open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at an academic institution of higher education. The scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate leadership roles on campus. The “Refund Check” will be awarded fall semester 2014.

Why the Refund Check?

“I recognize that it’s not easy being a college student these days. Tuition is rapidly rising and the cost of living is high. Many college students are often low on cash. When I was in college, mid-semester was the best time of the year because I received my financial aid refund check. It put some much needed money back into my pocket. As an undergraduate student leader, I remember working long nights on various tasks with my peers to bring awesome social programs to my campus. My college experience makes me intimately familiar with both the highs and lows of student leadership. The work can be fulfilling but also thankless and tiring. I was there once apon a time and I want to give back by helping students with some money to buy books and supplies for classes”

The Refund Check was created to reward the student leader and to assist with buying books or supplies for the semester. Two (2) students will receive one (1)  $200 dollar gift card (Amazon or Barnes and Noble) for actively making their campus a better place through leadership.

Who Can Apply?

College Students or Graduate Students who are going to school in the U.S. and are involved in student leadership activities on campus (including but not limited to) Student Government, Clubs, Fraternites, Sororites, Community Service, Mentoring, Tutoring and more.

How to Apply?

The application process is simple!

  • Follow @COLTAKEOVERTOUR & @DJHEAVYNESS on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Repost the flyer Image on Instagram with the following as the caption: “@djheavyness @coltakeovertour #hvyrefundcheck”
  • Post on instagram (pictures, video, collages) showing your leadership activity on your campus (hosting programming, events, community service or other  leadership activities) last semester or currently. Tag @coltakeovertour and @djheavyness and use the hashtag #HVYREFUNDCHECK with a short caption describing the activity and impact. No essays necessary!
  • Fill out the form on DJHEAVYNESS.COM in the scholarship section (bottom) OR COLLEGETAKEOVERTOUR.COM with your instagram/twitter name, e-mail, college being attended and current year (freshman, sophmore, junior, senior, or grad)

The collegetakeovertour.com team will then determine which entry is most deserving of the award.

  • Please be advised posting multiple times will not increase number of entries, so post your best entry once!

Two (2) students will receive (1) gift card valued at $200 to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

How are Winners Chosen

Winners will be chosen based on:

1. Following all application rules posted above

2. A post on instagram by the applicant demonstrating the impact of their leadership activities on their respective campuses.


September 17th 2014 11:59PM EST

Do I need to be a U.S. Citizen

No, it is not a requirement! Undocumented students are welcome to apply!

Rules, Terms and Conditions
  • CollegeTakeoverTour, DJ Heavyness & MDJ Entertainment LLC. reserves the right to reject any scholarship application for any reason at the owner’s sole discretion.
  • All material will be subject to review.
  • Any media submitted may be published online via websites as well as any other social media related to CollegeTakeoverTour, DJ Heavyness & MDJ Entertainment LLC. and via traditional media outlets (along with the student/author’s name)
  • CollegeTakeoverTour, DJ Heavyness & MDJ Entertainment LLC. reserves the right to publicly announce and promote scholarship winners on the owner’s website as well as any other social media outlets and via traditional media outlets.
  • Scholarship winner must provide proof of U.S. college/school enrollment before scholarship awards are to be disbursed.
How can you give back to student leaders or donate?

Currently, we are only able to offer two small awards but hope to increase that amount in the future. As a community we must encourage students to take leadership roles on their campuses. Leadership activities help students develop the skills necessary to tackle the rigors of employment and entrepreneurship.

It’s time to reward student leaders for their commitment and hard work! Please join DJ Heavyness and the #CollegeTakeoverTour in supporting student leaders.   We will be accepting donations in the future to grow our fund base to serve more students. We thank you in advance for your contributions! To inquire about donating to the scholarship please visit djheavyness.com or collegetakeovertour.com

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